Office Administration Manager

Reina Dickson is the Office Manager for Ngāi Tukairangi Trust and has been with the Trust since 2010. On a daily basis, she manages the high-level operations of the Trust across all sites, and is also responsible for ensuring all administration and office systems are well run and intact, including the implementation of new software technology. As a member of the Matapihi community, Reina’s contribution to our Trust and culture is invaluable. She strives to ensure our shareholders are well-informed of processes involving annual general meetings, and shareholder benefits such as educational grants. She is currently the Treasurer for Hungahungatoroa Marae and prior to the Trust, worked for the Tauranga City Council as the GIS Analyst/ Programmer. We welcome Reina’s technical and historical input, and her ability to both create and manage systems with ease. It is without dispute that Reina’s efforts and impact are foundational to the everyday running of our organisation.

Health and Safety Officer

After traveling around Australia for around six years gaining experience in various roles across farming, Floy moved home to Aotearoa and started with the Trust in 2022. Beginning as an orchard supervisor, Floy was able to find passion in people, and has since progressed into a role as Health and Safety Officer whilst also completing his Diploma in Health and Safety at the beginning of 2024.

Floy has done well to innovate across the orchard space through the introduction of safer and more wellbeing-focused initiatives, including the introduction of free monthly health clinic visits for staff, adopting a better tracking and incident reporting system, and the re-introduction of original land block names through health and safety signage.

Floy aspires to uplift Ngāi Tukairangi Orchards into a space wherey the business is at the forefront of health and safety across the industry, thereby setting standards for others to follow.

Policy Analyst

Lorin Waetford has been employed by the Trust since 2021 when she was brought on to help the Trustees through the government reforms. Her Bachelor of Arts majoring in Māori Resource Management and Cultural Anthropology has provided a great basis for her to shape advise, as well as being a long-standing member of the Tauranga Community since childhood. Lorin has been instrumental in leading the Trust’s response to the proposed ban on HiCane, whilst ensuring our organisation remains adept in local and regional policy changes and how they affect the wider operation.

Prior to her role at the Trust, Lorin was studying a Legal Diploma through the University of Waikato and has aspirations of furthering her studies within areas of constitutional and public law.

Project Manager - Brand, Marketing and Culture

Hinemihiata started with the trust in January 2024 and serves as the Project Manager for Brand, Culture, and Marketing. She is committed to bringing the identity of Ngāi Tukairangi to life through a comprehensive brand strategy for commercial produce, with a keen focus on penetrating international markets. Hinemihiata is passionate about Māori business and its potential to uplift Māori. She is particularly driven by the ambition of kaumātua such as Wiparera Te Kani and Mahaki Ellis who envisioned advancing our tino rangatiratanga by breaking down commercial barriers to secure economic prosperity.

Hinemihiata has had a career centred on supporting Māori businesses, from working with export businesses in international markets to consulting domestic construction business in the progressive procurement space. She recognises that there has always been a common theme around working alongside Māori businesses, advancing the Māori economy, and therefore, empowering our communities. Hinemihiata is a fierce advocate for her people, and activates these passions through whānau, kapa haka, and as a member of the Whāngāra B5 management committee. As a Bachelor of Commerce graduate of Te Herenga Waka and an alumni of the Hei Rata Whakaruruhau pre-governance leadership programme, she comes to Ngāi Tukairangi Trust with an abundance of experience, drive and energy. In her role, Hinemihiata impresses her commitment to ensuring that the heritage and values of Ngai Tukairangi are at the forefront of our business endeavours.