In 2017, our Trust acquired the Ericksen orchards, encompassing 60 hectares of gold kiwifruit spread across five orchards located in Waima, Korokipo, Puketapu, and Omahu. Since then, we have diligently worked to enhance their production outputs and fortify them against PSA, which once plagued the orchards.

Located in close proximity to major rivers such as Tutaekuri and Ngaruroro, our orchards feature prominent river stop-banks within their landscapes.”


In 2020, we embarked on a journey into apple cultivation, initially as leasehold Rockit apple owners. Following significant land developments, we expanded our holdings to include other prominent varieties such as Envy, Jugala, Jazz, and more. Currently, we oversee three major apple orchards, each renamed to honor the whenua of the area: Tukituki, situated alongside the Tukituki River; Raupare, located in Twyford; and Te Wairua, nestled in Havelock North. Collectively, our apple orchards span approximately 57 hectares.